Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Know Those Funny Viral Videos? Daniel Freilich Didn't Make One

Up until Labor Day every tin foil hat wearing nut job who found enough change in the couch to pay the filing fee thinks he has a chance to win. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, they get to share their madness with us.

You've probably seen the funny viral videos that no-buck candidates have put up this cycle. This isn't one. The only thing more tragic than some idiot trying to co-opt a popular commercial (listen up everyone who has ever used the word "priceless" in a political ad), is someone who knocks off a popular spot so badly that it makes me want to carve out my own eyeballs with a fork.

Vermont's Daniel Freilich has created such a commercial.

Grade: F

Watch "Look At Me."
Don't blame me if you gouge out your own eyes. Sorry.

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