Monday, August 30, 2010

One Word For Charlie Crist

Charlie's up with a positive ad that Frank Luntz called the worst ad he's ever tested. Since I almost never agree with Luntz, I expected to see genius. Unfortunately, I will now have to type some words that are very, very difficult:

I agree with Frank Luntz.

There, I said it. This ad from Crist is the old gag where you just use single words from people and cut it into something. Have I used the "one word" trick before? Yes. Have I used it for 30 whole seconds? No. Did I do it in such a way that not one salient point was made? No. And did I bookend it with graphics that look they were made by someone using a Commodore 64? No.

But Charlie did.

I know it's popular to jump on Charlie right now, but this time, he has it coming.

Click here to watch "One Word"

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