Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yes We Still Takes Us On A Guilt Trip

These days it looks like everybody has their own reality TV show, so why not political campaign volunteers from Maine? Here you go. This spot from whines about how volunteers worked really hard to help Obama win big in Maine (like that was hard) and they did it because of healthcare and now Obama needs to get Olympia Snowe in line and he needs to put in the public option and blah and blah and blah.

Check out "It's Time To Fight" here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christie vs. Corzine – Or, Isn't Having Passaic In Your State Punishment Enough?

The Corzine vs. Christie race has produced the biggest collection of political advertising offal we've seen in a long time. Neither candidate has so much as lifted a pinky-ringed finger to do anything beyond normal, boring political hit ads.

People in New Jersey must be afraid to turn on their TVs. If anyone wins this race, it will be a shame.

Here's a dreary, cheap, poorly made attack spot from Corzine.


New Spot From The AMA Proves Doctors Are Cheap

Here's the latest in the frickin' blizzard of healthcare spots. This one talks about how much seniors love their doctors. It also demonstrates what kind of commercial you can make for about $5. Doctors really are cheap. (SIDEBAR: I think they reuse those tongue depressors.)

It's not a flashback from 1992, it's the new spot from the AMA.

Watch AMA "Support"

Harry Reid Rocks The Sideburns

America's most powerful senator, for now, has gone up a year before election day to try to save his job. Two things worth noting about this bio spot. Check out the shot of Harry rocking some serious sideburns and, seriously, if Harry was your client, would you let him talk?

Check out "Work"