Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Americans United For Change "Hammers" Home The Metaphor

In their new ad called "Blueprint," Americans United For Change urges Congress to support the Obama budget plan. Hopefully, we can get some money for new metaphors because the construction ones are all used up.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Dallas Hotel Battle: Going Up?

There's a big fight brewing in Dallas. The city wants to pay to build a $500 million convention center hotel. Hotel owners aren't so excited, so they managed to get it on the ballot.

Now, the day after the city started demolition on the selected hotel site, the anti-hotel people have gone on TV. (One odd note, the "anti" hotel people are campaigning for a "yes" vote. Ask the Prop 8 people how well that worked out for them.)

This is gonna get nasty. Oh wait, it already has. Click here to watch "Anti-Hotel."

President Obama, Can You Buy The DNC A Microphone?

The DNC has pooped out another "he-said, she-said" internet spot that seems to keep both sides busy during these political dog days. This one is noteworthy only because the voiceover appears to have been recorded via cell phone.

I'm sure the Obama campaign has a little cash left over to spring for a nice, new Neumann M-149, right?

Click here to watch the DNC's "Economy"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scott Murphy Runs From Cameras

It's time for shaky tracking video and the good ol' "ripped from the headlines" effect in the New York-20 race. Things are getting tense.

Click here to watch "Doesn't Want You To Know"

Friday, March 06, 2009

Jim Tedisco borrows a tagline from Darrell Aubertine. Hey, taglines don't grow on trees.

Apparently upstate New York has only one tagline, "he's one of us." The Tedisco campaign is using the line just months after Darrell Aubertine used it in his successful state senate campaign. Hey, if it works, uh, borrow it.

Click here to watch Darrell Aubertine's "One of Us"

Click here to watch Jim Tedisco's "One of Us"