Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bobby Jindal Clowns Around

The Jindal camp goes on the attack. This time with clowns. (No doubt their polling shows that a majority of people are frightened by clowns.) Actually, it's a nice spot harpooning the easy -- and deserving -- targets of Baton Rouge politicians.

Meanwhile the Democrats in Louisiana are pummeling Jindal on everything they can think of. I'll save that for another post. Who says this is going to be an off year?

Ernie Fletcher Is On A Mission

Does Ernie Fletcher have a chance to keep the Kentucky Governorship? Six months ago, no way. Now, maybe so. Looks like he's taking a single issue approach to the race with a "No Casinos" theme. Fred Davis delivers spot number one and it's very good. Except for closing graphics. Can someone please send a designer over to Strategic Perception?

Click here for Ernie Fletcher's First Ad.