Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scott Walker Hates Trains, Not So Crazy About Obama

Wisconsin's Scott Walker is trying to do a spot with Obama, wasteful spending, a federally funded high-speed rail project and potholes.

Somehow, he made it work.

Here's the deal: people hate negative ads and, generally speaking, they kind of like Obama, the guy. This spot does a nice job of dropping a bomb on the opponent and trivializing Obama without having a mean edge.

Walker does a nice job on camera, too. (Although, for God's sake Scott, stop bouncing on the balls of your feet when you finish lines, you're running for governor not auditioning for David Hasselhoff.)

Oddly enough, the star of the spot is a brown paper bag. The website is shown practically with the URL written on a brown bag sitting in a pothole. A double mnemonic that actually works. Very smart.

Grade: A (I don't give many As, so I'll expect a "thank you" note)

Check out Scott Walker's "Stop The Train"

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