Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mike Huckabee Gets Tough

We're looking to Mike Huckabee for a little spark in the political advertising world and with his first ad, he's delivering.

The ad features Chuck Norris in a take off of the Internet phenomenon "Chuck Norris Facts." It's a fun way to deliver the point that Mike Huckabee is a tough guy who will do the hard jobs.

Now I like Chuck Norris, way back to "Good Guys Wear Black" (the REAL Chuck Norris fans know where I'm coming from), but in this spot Chuck seems stiffer than a Joan Rivers facelift.

Not the greatest script, the acting's a little stiffu, but I like the graphics and, overall, points for Norris and Huckabee on taking a chance.

Check out "Chuck Norris Approved."

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