Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yes on 89 and North Woods Pound It Home

Here's an ad we really like. North Woods pushing California's Prop 89.

Something doesn't make sense, though. This ad is well done and required considerable amounts of both time and money. But they're pushing a proposition that promotes public funding of political campaigns.

If the ad works and the thing passes, North Woods isn't going to be getting budgets like this anymore. They'll be running around with a Handycam and reflector card.

Check it out here.


ascap_scab said...

I have voted against Prop 89. While I am in favor of campaign finance reform and even public financing of campaigns as part of a larger package of reforms, I voted against this Proposal because if its intentional bias against third party and independent candidates.

The Democrats were tossed from Congress in 1994, the Republicans will likely be tossed from Congress this year and what has changed for the better?? Prop 89 is a two party entrenchment law that makes it harder to remove those who would continue to fail us.

The legislative analysis states clearly that any distributions to third party/independent candidates would only be half that to either Democrat or Republican candidates. What are the two parties (or the nurses union who wrote this) afraid of??

Over the past 40 years, voter registrations have risen by 15.2% and nearly all of them (14.8%) have chosen decline to state/non-partisan because the two established parties no longer represent them.

The latest poll shows a Congressional approval of just 16%!! That's both parties failing the people!! The two-headed mafia that is Congress must be slain.

The same entrenched incompetence that permeates Congress has its roots in State politics. Prop 89 only makes the entrenched failures stronger.

I'm sympathetic to funding non-millionares willing to run, but look at Louie Contreras in CA-41 running against the criminal Jerry Lewis. If the party put just $250k toward Contreras, the Democratic party could pick up that seat, but the party doesn't want anyone that is not a DLC clone messing up their empire.

Same thing with Jerry McNearny in CA-11 vs Richard Pombo. The DCCC has spent $0 on a race that is tied in the polls!! McNearny beat the DLC puppet in the primary and now the party won't back him. If not for McNearny's own money, Pombo would be a shoo-in for another term!!

Prop 89 promises relief for the un-monied candidates, but in reality it only encourages the party empires.

politicaladguy said...


Thanks for checking in and giving all the great details on the race.