Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Harold Ford Gets Made Fun Of

If you haven't seen this spot from the Tennessee Senate Race you've been living under a rock. It's been called everything from tacky to racist.

We think it's funny.

Decide for yourself here.


ascap_scab said...

I always look for the subliminal and unintended parts of an ad. This ad is subliminally racist. Its intended target voter is white men, telling them to, "Lock up your wives and daughters when Harold Ford is around."

They would have been only slightly more blatent if they had a Ford impersonator doing a Cleavon Little/Blazing Saddles rendition of, "Where da white womyn at?"

Will it work?? It probably will work with white men, but the unintended effect is that women may be more attracted to Ford!!

Here is a Corker radio spot. Listen for the jungle drums under the Ford parts and the Jesus soaring music under the Corker parts. Racist?? You bet.

politicaladguy said...

Thanks for checking in.

Racism, hmm, I think that's a bit of a stretch.
Sexism? Absolutely.
Questionable taste? Sure.
But racism? Don't see it.

I'll check out the Corker radio spot. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I gonna call shenanigans on the whole racism canard. You could run this precise ad against a white candidate with the same record and it would still rock the box. It ain't exactly Willy Horton or Alex's "white hands" ad for Jesse Helms. Funny and tasteless, but in a good kind of po-mo way. Who is the guy who says "Money from porn producers? Who hasn't?" He's weirdly familiar.

Anonymous said...

There's nothng racist about this ad. All I got from this spot is Ford has made some bad choices. I won't vote for him but I'd love to party with him.

Anonymous said...

And guess what? He lost.