Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waste Money The Chinese Way (CAGW) Or The American Way (Bankrupting America)

Wasting money is some of the best creative fodder around.

In this lavish ad for Citizens Against Government Waste, the Chinese become the target. Nice concept, well-produced, nicely derisive and reminscent of Apple's "1984" without directly stealing from it. I thought the giant CG Chinese flag could have looked better, but I'm nit picking.

Earlier in the cycle, Bankrupting America went up with this simple ad showing how, not the Chinese, but our own government is spending us into the ground. Literally. Full disclosure: this is spot our talented team produced.

Grade?: A for both

Click here to watch CAGW "Chinese Professor"

Click here to watch Bankrupting America's "Stop Digging"

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