Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brady vs. Quinn: It's Double Negative

In a special two-fer edition of Political Ad Guy, here are a couple of negative ads stagger out of the bar fight that is the IL Governor race. With the smell of Blago's hair gel still wafting in the air, you'd think this would be an R slam-dunk. Not so. Polls give Brady (R) a slight edge, but the Ds aren't quitting.

The DGA has whipped out the old saw that starts with "What kind of politician..." I didn't hear much after that.

Grade: C

Brady answers with a wacky "Christmas In July" gag with some pretty fun graphics and a couple of clean, believable hits.

Grade: B

Brady wins this round by a nose, but can he absorb enough hits to protect a 3-point lead?

Click here to watch DGA's "What Kind?"
Click here to watch Brady's "Christmas"

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