Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mitt Romney Goes By The Book

You're running a campaign and not very many people know who you are, so you run the classic political bio spot. Beefy sounding announcer, strong shots of candidate, glowing statement from wife, swelling music and a truckload of media money.

If he's going to gain ground on McCain and Giuliani this work is going to have to get better.

It's called "Unplugged." We have no idea why.


Anonymous said...

It's call "Unplugged" because that what we should do to the TV when it's on the tube.

politicaladguy said...

It's pretty generic. If you even noticed it's on the tube, you probably need to be medicated.

Johnny Ringo said...


I was hoping to see your input on the "unauthorized" pro-Obama anti-Clinton ad on YouTube.

It's gotta be coming soon, right?